pátek 22. srpna 2014


Thank you guys for everything!

.. For the opportunity to live there with you for last 7 weeks – to know your style of living, your habits and your food.
.. For meeting the city and some secret places and meeting your friends.
.. For the experience which I had and which I’ve never forget!

And one special THANK YOU is going to Denise and her family who hosted me – it was really nice to live with you in one house and see how lives typical family in Santarém. I will miss you – and also the papaya tree L.

Now, I am feeling like you – I am a little Brazilian (but still with European time J). As I sad you’re the best people who I’ve ever met (no doubts)..

See you in Prague !!!

Wish me luck to survive 3 days on the boat J (and check this blog during next one month).

Kisses and hugs J

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